Dispatch Arrangement

You want immediate and accurate dispatching services and that is what we provide! Our dispatchers have initiated over 5,000 dispatches in just the past two years! At Lihan, we are used to being busy and tracking vehicles and personnel. Whether we are taking your client’s calls and conveying the messages to your personnel, or whether you are one of our MIRS clients and we are dispatching alarm response or incident response, our goal is to provide thorough information to your personnel so they have an understanding of the situation before they arrive.

Whether you are in the security industry or another industry where time is of the essence, and a dispatch is required, we understand urgency. We can also provide “One-Call” service for large companies where we have each of your locations and emergency contacts in our dispatch software and we are able to send out emails to all personnel who need to be notified, depending on the type of incident or situation.